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Krithika Raman

I have been a member at Forrestal Village Fitness for a decade now and here is where I train for my physical wellness, which plays a very important role in achieving my goals. Also, I am a cancer survivor (triple negative breast cancer diagnosed Oct 2014). Yoga classes in the gym help bring balance to the mind helping me stay focused on achieving my goals.

I am a human being passionate about giving back, a 46 year old mother of 2 boys married to my best buddy Suresh for 25 years. While there are various activities that I am passionate about, my love for the mountains is arguably the most beloved. I was exposed to hiking and trekking quite late in life. Somewhere along the way of pursuing my passion for climbing, I decided to combine it with my desire to give back. I feel empowered when I can take on the physical and mental challenge, the spiritual connection with nature and the time to self-reflect in solitude that accompany a climb, and combine this with changing someone’s life for the better. This paved the way to merge the two passions at every opportunity. I usually trek, run and climb for charity.

Amy Day


21 Aug, 2016


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