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Christian Patterson

Christian is now a collegiate track runner. He took part in our Parisi Speed School program for a year and half with Stephen Fellouris, while still training in the off season. Christian came to the club as a top notch high school standout in football, and track and field. When he came to Stephen, he was averaging 53 seconds for the 400 meter race. After a short period of time, with dedication and hard work, Christian lowered his average time to 50 seconds for the 400 meter.

Christian not only worked tirelessly to improve his athletic performance, he also began to take his school work seriously, striving to be a true student athlete. In his junior track season, he completely dominated most teams he raced. He then went on to win the PENN Relays in the spring. However, that was not good enough for Christian. He worked even harder in school and on his athletics because he wanted to achieve Division 1. That summer Christian went on to win the Junior Olympics for the Men’s 4×400 Relay giving his team a 5 second head start in the championship. Christian’s grades also skyrocketed to a new high and with the Junior Olympic Gold Medal around his neck and two PENN Relay Championships, he fulfilled his dream of becoming a Divison 1 track runner and a true student athlete.



21 Aug, 2016


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