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Forrestal Village Fitness and the Forrestal Village Fitness website is managed and operated by MediFit Community Services LCC (“MediFit”). The Forrestal Village Fitness Center is committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of personal information that is shared with us while visiting our website. Forrestal Village Fitness (“FVFitness”) provides this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) which explains our privacy practices; and the ways in which your information may be collected, used, and disclosed while interfacing with this and other FVFitness Web sites/services.

Please review this Policy and the Terms of Use carefully. By continuing to use this website, www.medifit.jobs (powered by Ceridian Dayforce), or by interacting with FVFitness via our social media presence; including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, YouTube, pinterest, Google+, etc., you are accepting these terms in their entirety.

Cookies and Pixel Tags

Cookies may be placed on your computer by FVFitness, Google Analytics to allow you to maintain your session, assist us in evaluating how you are utilizing our website, or assist you in sharing information via Social Media platforms or email. Cookies are not used to store your username or password or other sensitive personally identifiable information about you, but may be linked to your browser instance and your use of our website. Google Analytics may also identify and use cookies currently on your system to remarket products to you should that you have expressed an interest in in the past via your browsing history should FVFitness choose to utilize advertising on this site. Pixel tags may also be used to evaluate the use of certain services on our site. For additional information, see Third Party Tools Used by this Website

Third Party Tools Used by this Website

Google Analytics®

FVFitness utilizes Google Analytics to collect information that will allow us to better understand the utilization of our web site by our visitors. Google Analytics uses to collect information form the following sources: the HTTP request of the visitor, browser/system information, and first-party cookies. The HTTP request for any web page may contain details about the browser and the computer making the request, such as the hostname, the browser type, referrer, and language. In addition, most browsers provide access to more detailed browser and system information, such as Java and Flash support and screen resolution. FVFitness will only use the information it collects to help FVFitness construct website utilization, demographic and ad campaign reports. Google Analytics also sets and reads their first-party cookies on visitors’ browsers in order to obtain visitor session and assist in targeted ad campaign information from the page request.

Google Analytics Remarketing. FVFitness and MediFit may utilize Remarketing in conjunction with Google Analytics to advertise on other websites that use Google Analytics. Third-party vendors, including Google, may show you ads on such websites across the Internet based on the fact that you may have visited this website. For instance, you may be presented with an FVFitness ad while visiting another website which utilizes Google Analytics (since you have previously visited FVFitness’ web site or had searched for health clubs in NJ using your browser). FVFitness may also utilize demographic reporting through Google Analytics to better understand how our website audience breaks down by Age, Gender, and Interests. FVFitness will not be using the Double-Click network to serve ads on this website.

Opting Out of Google Analytics and Internet Interest Based Advertising: Should you wish to opt-out of Google Analytics when visiting FVFitness or any other websites that utilize this service, or interest based advertising, visit the Network Advertising Initiative at: http://www.networkadvertising.org/choices. Or if you wish to specifically choose not to send information about your website visit to Google Analytics from pages that use the Google Analytics, please visit: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

You may also refuse all cookies as part of your browser settings, but that may inhibit your ability to utilize all features on this and other websites that you may visit.

Personally Identifiable Information We May Collect

  • FVFitness may collect personally identifiable information related to any service, product, or general inquiries made via this site, or through our social media presence. You are solely responsible for the content and accuracy of the information you provide FVFitness.
  • FVFitness may ask you to provide personally identifiable data in order to create an account if you intend to apply for an employment or internship opportunity with FVFitness using www.medifit.jobs. FVFitness uses Ceridian, a third-party service to provide an online employment and internship application system. Such information may include, but is not necessarily limited to: Name, mailing address, resume or work history, position applied for, phone number(s), email address, salary history and/or desired salary; and, any other information required as part of an application for employment or internship with FVFitness through MediFit. Those who create an account on through www.medifit.jobs will also be required to choose a username and password for medifit.jobs.
  • You may be required to provide personal contact information and register an account on fvfitness.com in order to post a comment to a blog posting should such capability be enabled now or in the future.
  • We or our hosting provider FVFitness, MediFit, or our hosting and website security processes and providers may collect or log website utilization and session and traffic analytics based on your visit to this website. In addition to any personally identifiable information that you may directly provide us, we may collect information that may be transmitted from the system you use to access our site including, but not limited to: source IP and MAC address, domain, browser and operating system type/version, timestamp and length of visit, referring page links (a link on a web site that brought you to a page on our site), and the amount of data transmitted. We reserve the right to collect and analyze any internet traffic sent from you to our system(s) and services.


This FVFitness website does not target information collection, use or disclosure from those under the age of 13 through this Website. If you are under the age of 13, please ask your parent or guardian to contact us with any questions or do not submit any personal information via this website.

COPPA applies to operators of commercial websites and online services (including mobile apps) directed to children under 13 that collect, use, or disclose personal information from children. It also applies to operators of general audience websites or online services with actual knowledge that they are collecting, using, or disclosing personal information from children under 13. The Rule also applies to websites or online services that have actual knowledge that they are collecting personal information directly from users of another website or online service directed to children.

How We May Use Your Information

  • We may use the information you provide to allow FVFitness to appropriately respond to your inquiry; and, may share your information with an FVFitness or MediFit Partner that provides or supports services or a product related to your inquiry. FVFitness nor MediFit will rent or sell your personal information to third parties.
  • We may use your information to assist in evaluating your qualifications for employment and internship opportunities in which you may be interested as well as to meet any legal or regulatory requirements related to employment. Additionally, MediFit may share your resume and qualifications with our clients at other location(s) whom you have expressed an interest in seeking employment or internship opportunities or if your skills and qualifications may qualify your for employment at another MediFit managed facility.
  • Your inquiry and submission of contact information authorizes FVFitness and MediFit to contact you via phone, email, social media or US Mail or other Courier.
  • We may (now or in the future) allow your comment(s) to blog postings to appear on the FVFitness or MediFit website. Your name and or username and the time/date associated with the posting may also be displayed. FVFitness and MediFit reserve the right to display, reject, or delete any comment submitted in regards to a blog at any time. You are responsible for the content of your comments.
  • FVFitness and MediFit reserve the right to re-use your comments or posts to our website, social media pages, feeds, etc. for marketing or other promotional purposes. MediFit also reserves the right to delete any posts made by you, and/or block you from making any future posts via these mediums at any time, with or without notice.
  • FVFitness and MediFit may use your information to comply with court orders, applicable laws, and regulations as well as investigate any activity that is suspected of or confirmed to be malicious, inappropriate, or that violates local, state, federal or international law.
  • FVFitness and MediFit may use information in the traffic you generate to our site to limit or block your access to our website should that traffic be identified as harmful or malicious in nature to our services.
  • FVFitness nor MediFit are not responsible for the privacy practices of third-party sites in which we may link to or reference from within our sites, including social media platforms which we have a presence on. YOU are responsible for reviewing and determining whether the privacy practices of third party sites are acceptable to you.

Updating or Correcting Your Information

FVFitness and MediFit assume the information that you submit is correct and up to date. Users who register an account on via www.medifit.jobs may edit or correct any personal information by logging into the system using the credentials they have established; and making the appropriate changes to your account. FVFitness and MediFit is not responsible for errant and inaccurate data submitted by you.

Statement for California Users

FVFitness is located in Princeton, NJ. FVFitness does not rent, share or sell your personally identifiable information as defined in California §1798.81.5(d) with direct marketing firms. You may opt-out of Google Analytics as indicated previously in this document. MediFit may share information with our partners who assist MediFit in providing the services that you may be interested in. MediFit may also share information about you with our Clients of fitness centers that we staff as part of your application for employment or internship. Such sharing is part of a business-related disclosures and are exempt.

Changes to our Website Privacy Policy

FVFitness reserves the right to modify or amend this Website Privacy Policy at any time, with or without notice; and, make the revised notice effective immediately for information we already have about you, as well as future information that we may obtain. To make this policy easy to find, a current copy will be available online at https://fvfitness.wpengine.com/privacy-policy or by submitting your request in writing to privacy@fvfitness.com.

Questions or Concerns Regarding Your Privacy

If you have questions or concerns regarding your Privacy, please contact the General Manager of Forrestal Village Fitness at (609) 297-0346 OR MediFit’s Privacy Officer in writing at privacy@medifit.com OR via US MAIL to:

MediFit Community Services LLC
Legal Department
ATTN: Privacy Officer
25 Hanover Road – Florham Park, NJ 07932