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Jeff Chesebro
Jeff has been a fixture in our fitness facility for three years. His employment in The Village gives him the opportunity to utilize all that we have to offer. Jeff has been a long standing personal training client of Steve Fellouris. He also takes group classes and works out on his own 5-6 days a week. When Jeff first started working out here at our facility he was 58 years old. Our Body Age Test placed him of 56. The test takes into consideration overall health factors, including blood pressure, oxygen utilization, flexibility, and overall strength. After working with Steve for more than 3 years, Jeff is now a 61 year old with the body age of 41! In other words, he is reverse-aging! Keep up the good work, Jeff!
Cathy McTigue
I have been a member of FVF since 2009. I was never a ‘gym’ person and always felt very intimidated by the gym environment. Right off the bat I felt very comfortable with the atmosphere at FVF. My trainer has helped me achieve my goals of losing a few pounds and getting in overall better shape. I also enjoy the yoga and Pilates classes offered by FVF offered. My 14-year-old son, Andrew, has made great strides in improving his performance in track, his sport of choice, through speed and agility training at FVF.
Christian Patterson
Christian is now a collegiate track runner. He took part in our Parisi Speed School program for a year and half with Stephen Fellouris, while still training in the off season. Christian came to the club as a top notch high school standout in football, and track and field. When he came to Stephen, he was averaging 53 seconds for the 400 meter race. After a short period of time, with dedication and hard work, Christian lowered his average time to 50 seconds for the 400 meter. Christian not only worked tirelessly to improve his athletic performance, he also began to take his school work seriously, striving to be a true student athlete. In his junior track season, he completely dominated most teams he raced. He then went on to win the PENN Relays in the spring. However, that was not good enough for Christian. He worked even harder in school and on his athletics because he wanted to achieve Division 1. That summer Christian went on to win the Junior Olympics for the Men’s 4×400 Relay giving his team a 5 second head start in the championship. Christian’s grades also skyrocketed to a new high and with the Junior Olympic Gold Medal around his neck and two PENN Relay Championships, he fulfilled his dream of becoming a Divison 1 track runner and a true student athlete.
Anil Kumar
I have been in and out of water my whole life but never learned to swim until my son joined swimming lessons at FVF. He was 7 years old when he joined and successfully completed all 8 levels of swimming. Watching him and all the other kids learning from such a caring and wonderful swimming staff motivated me and my wife to sign-up for swimming classes. It took us a little over a year to learn – all thanks to Svetlana who has loads of patience and provides excellent tips, along with a balance of teaching and challenging swimmers. We are now confident in the water and love to swim.
Sue Desilva
I joined FVF in 2007. I am an avid tennis player and thought I should get in better shape to help my game. I belonged to other gyms in the past but always felt sort of lost not knowing what to do and just using the treadmill. Now I’m using a wide variety of training methods including the TRX and Kettlebells. I feel much more confident in the gym and I’m not afraid to try new things. There is such a vide variety of classes and special events going on I never get bored with my workouts.
David Loevner
I joined FVF about 5 years ago after my wife Cathy told me about her great experience here. I was the typical person who “never had the time” to work out. My energy level was down and I was gaining weight. I also noticed it was becoming harder to do the things I enjoy, which are hiking and cycling. All the great staff at FVF provide such a great atmosphere I actually now look forward to going to the gym! I’ve lost weight, have more energy, and I’m able to do the things I enjoy.