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Get to know the Sports Performance coaches at Forrestal Village Fitness.

Sports Performance

SteveFellourisSteve holds certifications from N.A.S.M, T.R.X Suspension Training and Parisi Speed and Agility. Through his various roles as Director and Head Performance Coach, Personal Trainer, college Lacrosse player and current amateur golfer, Steve takes sports performance training to a new level. Since coming onto the scene several years ago, he has sent countless athletes to college athletic programs confident in their respective sports.

From his cutting edge and scientific approach to sports performance training, Steve has guided his athletes to claim multiple state titles, division 1 scholarships, national championships, and even a Junior Olympic Gold medal. Steve pushes his athletes to new levels while boosting their confidence on and off the field, increasing muscular tone and efficiency, and teaching his athletes how to prevent injury for an extended athletic career. In just one of Steve’s training sessions you can expect to see increased confidence, increased body awareness, and a better understanding of how the body is supposed to work.

Steve’s message: “I always ask and drive for respect and commitment from my athletes. On day one they are asked to make a promise to me and I make a promise to them. If they promise to give me 100% of their effort and attention at all times, I promise to give them 150% of what they came to see me for. Yes, I take pride in seeing an athlete leave my facility with sweat pouring from their faces; but that means nothing to me if I am not training them for their goals and to be better people in this world.”

 Nike SPARQ* Parisis Speed & Agility Coach; A.A.A.I Certified Personal Trainer

Matthew has a BA History from Rutgers University. Before joining the Forrestal Village Fitness Team, he was a Personal Trainer in the U.S Armed Forces for 6 years.

Matthew has an extensive background including Tae Kown Doe and M.M.A. He’s a Core/Plyometric Training Specialist as well as a Birkram Yoga Practitioner.

Matthew is also an avid weightlifter and crossfit participant.