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The Forrestal Village Fitness Sports Performance School provides unparalleled sport-specific training, with a strong focus on injury prevention and confidence building. The safe and effective training methods used by our certified specialists are designed to increase athletic performance, stamina, strength, and abilities for people of all ages.

By taking a comprehensive approach that includes Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery, we not only aid individuals and athletes in the physical aspects of sports, but also assist in the total body approach to heightened performance. Whether you have a child, teen, young adult, or want to increase your own athletic abilities, our innovative approach will produce results.

This approach includes:

  • Injury prevention through flexibility training and strength training techniques. Recovery strategies must be employed to reduce the risk of injury, while increasing strength.
  • Enhanced off-the-line performance, including first step, leaps, and jumps, through cutting edge training methods sport-specific movements. We also introduce students to the science behind the most crucial athletic movements.
  • Increased acceleration and change of direction ability through the use of our top of the line equipment designed for sports performance enhancement, as well as the understanding of the science behind the movements.
  • Confidence on and off the field through positive reinforcement and sense of accomplishment that the athletes will receive while completing the program. The group training setting allows new relationships to be formed while offering a fun environment for the student to push him or herself to new heights.
  • Understanding through our training methods, students will learn how everything they do affects what they will do on the field or in life. Students are guided and informed of not only which exercises, but also why those exercises will improve their abilities. It starts with the right mindset, knowing what to accomplish and how.

For more information, contact Stephen Fellouris at (609) 297-0346 ext. 480 or sfellouris@fvfitness.com.